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We meet Mondays at 12:00 PM
Dino's Restaurant
2900 New Pinery Rd.
Portage, WI  53901-9225
United States
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Here are the winners from our hourly drawings at The Taste of Portage!  Thank you to all the donors that provided the hourly prizes!  We greatly appreciate it. 
Hourly Prizes for Friday, August 25: 
6pm Drawing:
Edward Jones Beach Bag and Towels - Gregg Steinhaus
Large Pizza Hut Pizza - Rodney Tutland
Six Inch Sub from Subway - Nancy Pohlman
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Dave Eulberg
Portage Cleaners $10 Gift Certificate - Chuck Worzecha
Culvers Value Basket - Johnson Chiropractic
Dino's $20 Gift Certificate - Josh Vehring
7pm Drawing:
Camping Chair from Trecek Automotive - Quintin Fenne
Forever Yours $75 Gift Certificate - Zack Eulberg
Culver's Sundae - Trina McVicker
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Tammy Smith
Studio K Woman's Haircut ($22 Value) - Jake Eulberg
North Shore $25 Gift Card - Trina McVicker
Bon Bon Bordeaux $15 Gift Certificate - Teresa Miller
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Nancy Elsing
North Shore $25 Gift Card -  Johnson Chiropractic
8pm Drawing:
Dozen Golf Balls by Portage Community Bank - Josh Vehring
American Family Umbrella - James Jordan
Culver's Value Basket - Kayce Dervetski
Portage Green Cash $10 by Turning Point Realty - Brenda Klapoetke
Tape Measure & Utility Knife from Portage Lumber - The Flower Company
Portage Cleaner's $10 Gift Certificate - Kim Dorn
J & J Fire Ball Lanes Free Pizza & Pitcher of Soda - Trina McVicker
Pedicure and Sandals from VIBE Salon - Beverly Hartberg
Pelican Travel Mug from Portage Lumber - Gary Schoppenhorst
18 Holes of Golf with Cart at Portage Golf Club - Nancy Elsing
9pm & 10pm Drawing:
American Family Umbrella - The Flower Company
6 inch sub at Subway - Johnson Chiropractic
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Terry Floetter
North Shore Restaurant $25 Gift Card - Marie Miller
$10 Mercantile Gift Certificate - Theresa Miller
Culver's Free Scoop - Chad Minnema
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Carol Ringlestetter
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Jan Seubert
Jack's Tap $25 Gift Card - Kelly Welch
Hourly Prizes for Saturday, August 26: 
11am Drawing:
6 inch sub at Subway - Jon Crawford
Culver's Free Scoop - Claire Letourneaux
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Holly Wolfgram
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Mike Hamm
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Zephyr Smallwood
Portage Cleaners $10 Gift Certificate - Jon Dyson
Studio K Mens Haircut ($22 Value) - Mike Hurd
Trapper's Turn Sunday Brunch ($100 Value) - Jeff Jelinek 
12 noon Drawing:
Large Pizza Hut Pizza - Kim Dorn
6 inch sub at Subway - Cheryl Barton
Culver's Free Scoop - Joy Cimmaroli 
Portage Cleaners $10 Gift Certificate - Sean Chiristianson
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Kim Dorn
Cimaroli's Supper Club $50 Gift Certificate - Janis Nowak
Rock 'N Wool Winery $25 Gift Card - Chuck Worzecha
Culver's Custard for a Year - Bob Mendrala
Portage Cleaners $10 Gift Certificate - Nancy Elsing
1pm Drawing:
Large Pizza Hut Pizza - Ken Auxier
6 inch sub at Subway - Kim Dorn
Culver's Free Scoop - Diane Carney
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Paul Gavinski
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Scott Bernander
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Quintin Fenne
18 Holes of Golf at Portage Golf Club - Mike Hamm
2pm Drawing:
Large Pizza Hut Pizza - Linda Vandepluge
6 inch sub at Subway - Nancy Minter
Culver's Value Basket - Josh Vehring
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Judy Nichols
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Nancy Elsing
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card - Harlan Legried
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - B. Rohrbeck
Portage Cleaners $10 Gift Certificate - Winne Schumann
Bon Bon Bordeaux $15 Gift Certificate - Winne Schumann
Culver's Custard for a Year - Kevin & Nancy Zeigler
3pm Drawing:
Large Pizza Hut Pizza - Crosby's
Culver's Free Scoop -  Lynne Clark
Portage Green Cash $10 from Turning Point Realty - Josh Vehring
Culver's Free Scoop - Shelly LaBon
Large Pizza Hut Pizza - Lane Steinhaus
Culver's Value Basket - Jean Seitz
Portage Cleaners $10 Gift Certificate - Clint Otto
J & J Fire Ball Lanes Free Pizza & Pitcher of Soda - Terry Floeter
North Shore Restaurant $25 Gift Card - Carlyle Otto
Culver's Custard for a Year - Holly Evert
Corner Pocket $5 Gift Card -  Tammy Smith
Portage Daily Register 52 Week Subscription - Matt Paulson
Pine Trail Golf Course (4) 9 Hole Passes - N. Rebholz
Jack's Tap $25 Gift Card - Jim Crawford
4pm Drawing:
$1,000 - Jolene Dodd
$500 - Nancy Elsing
$250 - Mark Udulutch
Rotary Updates:    
Scholarship Raffle: This is our largest fundraiser, proceeds go directly to the $10,000 we give away in scholarships. Tickets have been printed and distributed to members. Please have the ticket stubs and money turned in by the Taste of Portage, so the ticket holders get the most chances to win the pre-prizes. 
Taste of Portage: Annual Taste of Portage will be held Friday, Aug. 25 and Saturday, Aug. 26. We will again have a concession booth and a raffle ticket selling booth.  Please mark your calendar and plan to bring your family to help at this event. We need all hands on deck. This is a great way to have our club be present in the community, gain club membership, generate proceeds to give back to the community, and have fun. The final event at the Taste is our grand prize drawing, which will be held at 4:00 pm on Saturday.
Fall Fundraiser - Draw Down Hoe Down: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Our second largest fundraiser for the club is the Draw Down Hoe Down. This will be held at North Shore Restaurant at Portage Golf Club.  This is a backwards raffle.  Tickets (includes the ball number, dinner and drinks) are $100 and for each number.  100 tickets are sold, 100 balls are put into the raffle drum, one by one they are pulled out.  Every 10th ball drawn wins $100 back. The last few balls left in the drum can decide if they want to split the cash money grand prize. 
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As of July 1, 2017 our President of the 2017-2018 year is Cory Otto. We meet every Monday at Dino's Restaurant in Portage at 12noon - 1:00pm. You are welcome to come to a meeting and check our club out. If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application form.  On the bottom right hand side, there is an "Application for Membership!" you may print at home, fill out, and bring to the meeting, or a current member can obtain this form for you, too. 
If you are interested coming to our club as a speaker and presenting to our members, please click on Past President Janis Nowak on the top right hand side and send her a message. She will contact you soon and schedule a Monday for you to come and present. 
If you are looking for our mailing address to inform our club of your upcoming event, or to send a donation, please write the check out to: Portage Rotary Club and send it to the following address: Portage Rotary Club, PO BOX 818, Portage WI 53901 
Again, Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website. 

2017 Portage Rotary's

Scholarship Winners!

Throughout the year, our Portage Rotary club raises money to invest in our future leaders. Our largest fundraiser for this is through our annual raffle ticket sales.  Each spring, the Rotary Club of Portage, provides $10,000 in scholarships to be awarded to three Portage High School seniors. It is estimated that the Portage Club has awarded close to $500,000 of scholarships over the years. The 2017 scholarships were awarded to three incredible and deserving students.  Portage Rotary is proud to be investing in their futures!

The $7,000 scholarship was awarded to Brielle Shortreed. 

The $2,000 scholarship was divided into two and $1,000 was awarded to each sibling, Emily Brost and Jacob Brost. 

The $1,000 scholarship was awarded to Samantha Smith.

Our Annual Rotary Scholarship Raffle Ticket Sales will be held this summer. Winners will be announced at the Taste of Portage at 4:00pm on Saturday, August 26, 2017. 

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