- Scholarship Raffle 2020 - 
It's getting to be that time of the year again! 
Right now our club is working on doing the background work on this fundraiser.  We will be working on requesting donations of gift cards/gift certificates from local businesses to use as prizes, as well as securing our raffle license number.  
In time, we will need members to help with:  collecting prizes, getting raffle tickets out to all members, collecting ticket stubs/money, organizing prizes, selling raffle tickets at other community events, drawing and announcing the winners, distributing prizes, and writing thank you notes to donators.  
Please choose a task you can help with and let Tracy know.   There is not a chair/co-chair for this fundraiser.  The only way this fundraiser is successful is if we have all members help.   Remember, this is the biggest fundraiser of the year and it supports the $10,000 we give away every year.