Pairing for Polio

Join us on November 30, 2022 for our Pairing for Polio event! 
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Hello Again! 

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We're Back!    
We are back to meeting at Dino's Restaurant in Portage!!!  But, don't forget that the day has changed.  We are meeting on Wednesday's at noon and have brought back the $20 donation to Polio Plus every time we have a speaker present to us.  
Bring a friend and a potential member, it's time to grow the club again!  If you need a membership application, you can find those on the homepage of the website. Look to the right hand side near the bottom. 
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Raffle Winners 2022

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Annual Scholarship Raffle that were drawn at the Taste of Portage on August 27, 2022!!! 
Debbie Wheeler  $1000
Sarena Krueger  $500 
Cailin Hall  $250 
Club Update: We sold a total of $5,605 in raffle tickets for the 2022 raffle. At the Taste of Portage, we sold $746 in ducks and bottled water.  We were able to net $4,413 to put towards the $10,000 we give away in higher education scholarships.   Thank You everyone!! 
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Draw Down Hoe Down 2022

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SAVE THE DATE! The 2022 Draw Down Hoe Down will be held on November 5 at NorthShore Restaurant at the Portage Golf Club.  
In 2021, this annual fall fundraiser raised $5,498.10.   Thank You! 
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We Welcome Our New President Polly 

Annual Rotary Gavel Exchange
Our annual gavel exchange took place on Monday, July 11, 2022 at NorthShore Restaurant on Swan Lake. Several Rotarians and their family members attended this special ceremony.  Thank you to Robin for the eventful year and we look forward to a year under Polly's leadership. 
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Thank You For Visiting Our Website

Thanks for visiting our site!
As of July 01, 2022 our President for the 2022-2023 year is Madam President Polly Koepp 
Now we meet on Wednesdays at noon! Historically we were meeting at Dino's Restaurant in Portage at 12noon - 1:00pm. Currently, Dino's is under construction so we are meeting at Pizza Ranch in Portage. You are welcome to come to a meeting and check out our club.
If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the application form.  On the bottom right hand side of this website, there is an "Application for Membership!" you may print at home, fill out, and bring to the meeting, or a current member can obtain this form for you, too. 
If you are interested coming to our club as a speaker and presenting to our members, please click on "Polly Koepp" on the top right hand side and send her a message. She will contact you soon and provide you with more information. 
If you are looking for our mailing address to inform our club of your upcoming event, or to send a donation, please write the check out to: Portage Rotary Club and send it to the following address: 
Portage Rotary Club
PO BOX 818
Portage WI 53901 
Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website! 
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2021 Scholarship Recipients 

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 The 2022 Portage Rotary Club Scholarship Recipients are: 
Since the 1960's, Portage Rotary Club has given away over $420,000 in scholarships.  We are pleased we can continue this long standing tradition, even through the current pandemic.   
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Foreign Exchange Student Program

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Portage Rotary Club
Foreign Exchange Student UPDATE: 
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student for the school year 2022-23!  
We are looking for 2-3 host families.
Contact Josh Sween at if you are interested in hosting a foreign exchange student.
Josh Sween is our Youth Exchange Officer
Trina McVicker is our Youth Exchange Counselor
Rich Jacobson is our Youth Protection Officer 
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